Friday, March 25, 2011

When to Replace the Roof?

As a part of house improvement, you should know when is the right time for you to replace your roof. Roof is probably one of the most essential parts of your house and should b taken care in a timely manner. But when is actually the right time to replace your roof? It is advisable to check the condition of your roof at least once every other month. If the roof is starting to sag or it looks uneven, then better start thinking about replacement before you regret it.
You should ask your self how old your roof is. They said that the average life of a roof will take up to 20 years but it depends upon the quality of the material you used and also weather condition in your area. If you are in a place where snow storm and heavy rain falls frequently occur, then the average life of the roof will be lessen.
The average life of the roof also depends on how well the workmanship is being applied. The better workmanship applied, the longer the roof will last.
I suggest that you hire experts like those well trained Roofers Portland in Oregon has. Hiring a professional roofer is highly advisable then hiring someone who is cheaper yet less experienced. You can also contact a professional roofer if you are not sure if the roof has to be replaced or not.

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Brendan Gertner said...

If you want to avoid such leaks during rainy days, you must find time to check your roofs. With that, you'll know if you need to repair those, or replace them. If your roofs need replacement, you may ask a contractor for help.

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