Thursday, March 24, 2011


They said that every time you bring your car into a repair shop, make sure that you communicate with the technician. Misunderstandings often occur due to poor communication between the customer and the shop. Make sure to ask what the problem really is and what specifically causing the trouble. This will help you to understand the issue much clearly and this will also prevent you from bring so shocked about the repair fee that they will be charging on you.
I'm sure almost all of you have encountered a scenario where a driver yells at a technician because he feels that the technician is taking advantage of him and over pricing him. Yes it's true that some technicians tricks us and take advantage of us but not all them because there are still many shops that are honest and competent with their service like that Auto Body Repair Portland Shop in Oregon.
We as a driver should now the real issue behind the trouble. Its easy to become intimidated when communicating with a car repair shop and you're hearing a lot of words and concepts you don't understand. If you are having a hard time understanding the issue then Ask and let them explain every details. You need to understand the problem so that if ever you encounter the same issue in the near future, you know now what to do and you are now aware of what exactly the technician will do to your car.

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