Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Education Should Always come First!

My dad used to remind that Education should always come first, it is the most important thing in this world and that is the best gift that he and my mom can offer for us. My dad is so right and this is the reason why i am trying my best to get a degree. I do not want to disappoint my dad. I failed him once and i do not want to do that again to him. As you all know, i stopped getting my education because i pay more attention in my part time job which later on became a full time. Choosing this job over my education is probably the worst decision i have ever made in my life. I thought everything will be okay since i am working in a company and i am earning enough to support my family but i was wrong. Six months after being hired, my contract ends and my employer is not willing to extend it anymore because their income was not doing well. I though it could be okay and i'll get hired easily knowing that I already have an experience but then again, i was wrong.
Most companies today are very choosy and they preferred hiring applicants that holds a degree. The competition in the job market is becoming harder everyday and it's like hopeless for me to be hire by a well paying company.
My dad never get angry of me after discontinuing my studies. In fact he supported me until the very end. I love him so much and i should make all things right for him. I am planning to enroll again this coming school year and this time, i will try my best to get a diploma and offered that to him.
I was with my cousin yesterday who is also a nursing student. I went there to ask her about the upcoming enrollment period and ask her to help me out.We talked about nursing stuffs and I even helped her looking for cheap medical scrubs online before i go. I have to admit, i felt envy after seeing how far my cousin have gone but i know i should not feel that way! I know i can make to too and i will be wearing one of those nursing uniforms soon! I will take this as a goal and i promise myself that someday my dad will see me wearing that white cotton lab coat! Hope you learned something from my experience guys!

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