Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Running a Small Business

I've been buzzing about my Mom's small business here in my blog and i just don't know how to express my happiness now for the success that my mom is receiving today. It seems that all her sacrifices paid off. It's been several months now since she started to build this small Tamales business of her and we are so happy to tell you guys that a lot of customers keep on supporting her recipe. For those who do not know what Tamales is. It is actually a dish originated from Mexico and originally named as Tamal but the Mexican version is known for being so spicy unlike my mom's Tamales.
She added a Filipino touch to eat and made it more sweeter. It tastes like a Peanut with a twist. I don't know exactly know how to cook Tamales but the main ingredients used here are Grain peanuts and Rice. It is perfect toppings for your bread and suits well with hot chocolate. Anyway, before i started to drool here, I think Mom is planning to take her business to the next level which is a good step for her. She is planning to rent a space where she can showcase her recipes in public. I think she's thinking of having a small eatery. She was talking to my Auntie awhile ago to help her find a nice place for her business.
Starting a small business might be very risky especially for someone who do not have enough experience in handling a business so I guess my mom need someone to guide her and someone who has the skills to teach her on what to do. She needs a big amount of money too to make this business plan possible. I guess it would be great for her to rent some business equipment first before buying her own stuffs. I guess almost all businesses today started with this Equipment Leasing to make it more easy for them to handle and manage their financial. Buying new equipments for their business will definitely cost them a lot and it will be hard for them to bring their capital back especially if the business turned out not so successful. It's a practical choice indeed.

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