Saturday, April 9, 2011

Technology Drastic Changes

Technology is truly an amazing gift of Science and I just can't imagine how fast this technology evolves as time goes by especially in the field of advertising. I remember during my days, people are so hooked into tv commercials as if every time they see new products being advertised on tv, they will go for it , grabbed it and buy it on the nearest grocery store. Posters are also an effective way of promoting a product that time especially if the advertiser is running a promo and the audience is in need of more details and instruction on how to join.
But things have changed drastically. Computers came in and Internet boosted out! It is very undeniable that almost all of us has computers at home and all of us access the Internet either for entertainment or business purposes. Transactions are being done online too, targeting online customers.
Most businesses today are being linked online to make their product more popular. Promoting their product online is indeed a convenient and less time consuming way. Businesses can save a lot of money too since they can promote their products or services for free using those free classified ads online.
Well, let us not underestimate the power of technology. We do not have any idea what changes it could bring in the near future.

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