Saturday, September 17, 2011


X-23, a.k.a. Laura Kinney, is a character from the X-Men Series. Top-secret program is tasked to replicate the original Weapon X experiment that produced the feral mutant Wolverine. The project is taken in a new direction: Doctor Martin Sutter recruits renowned mutant geneticist Doctor Sarah Kinney to develop a clone of Wolverine. Since the only genetic sample from Weapon X is damaged, Kinney is unable to salvage the Y chromosome. Kinney proposes the creation of a female genetic twin; her request is denied. Sutter's protégé Doctor Zander Rice, whom he has raised after Rice's father was killed by the original Weapon X, is opposed to the idea. After 22 failed attempts at reconstituting the DNA using a duplicate X chromosome, the 23rd sample yields a viable sample to combine with an embryo. Although Kinney is allowed to proceed, Rice exacts revenge for her insubordination by forcing her to act as the surrogate mother of the specimen. For nine months, Kinney's every move is monitored; finally, she gives birth to "X-23".
X-23 is one of the few characters originally created for an animated series that was later incorperated into comic book canon.
X-23 was shown alongside Tron Bonne, because they both appeared as Heroes and Villains. In X-23's case, she was meant to be a evil clone of Wolverine, and was for a while, but now is his student and is on the good Side.

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