Thursday, August 4, 2011

Frustrated Nurse

Most of my cousins are nurses and most of them are currently working abroad. I guess nurses are truly in demand both domestically and internationally most especially Filipino nurses. Well, i know that is something that we should be very proud of but unfortunately most of these nursing graduates are aiming to work abroad rather than focusing more in our country. It's true that other countries need our services but we need professional nurses here too and i hope they are aware with that.
Anyway, Nursing is actually my first love. It's more like a dream job to me but when i reached college, that's the time i realized that my heart belongs to teaching. I became more passionate about it, leaving my nursing dream completely. Well, i might be a frustrated nurse but it seems that my younger sister is willing to pursue her dream to become a nurse. Actually, i can see her now wearing a nursing scrubs and assisting patients. I wish her all the best and i will do everything i can to make her dreams come true.
Speaking of scrubs, it is quite amazing to see that it has different versions already. They made it more fashionable and more stylish and I'm sure it's pretty cool to wear one of these personalized and unique scrubs.
I saw some stylish scrubs for men too. If you guys are interested, you can visit and see all their stylish and fashionable scrubs for both men and women. They have scrubs for kiddos too! Oh how i wish i can wear them. haha You can't blame me guys for feeling this way hehe I'm just a frustrated nurse after all.

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