Friday, August 12, 2011

Mom and Her Kitchen

I'm not spending that much in our kitchen like my mom does. Of course, she's the boss in the kitchen and it's more like her territory if you asked me hehehe. She's preparing our foods from breakfast til supper. This is where she cook and this is probably the place that she loved the most.
That's why when we all decided to remodel the house, she suggested to give her kitchen a new look and so we did.Well, she's the one who picked for the design and also for the material. Well it turned out pretty well and I'm satisfied with the service too. However, what happened yesterday made me realized that we ended up choosing the wrong material. Mom was pretty busy yesterday preparing to cook something my my Auntie's birthday when she accidentally dropped the wooden chopping board on her countertop which broke a pair of tiles, making her so disappointed about it. We should have chosen a material with better quality like marble or granite maybe. Or maybe we should have contacted a better worker to provide a better service like what FLOFORM does. The company is located in Washington and is known for being one of the leading manufacturer of high quality countertops. Yikes, we should have considered that factor before hiring anyone.
Well, that's our bad. For the meantime, we just have to contact someone who can fix the broken tile.

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