Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Engineered Quartz Countertops

One of the best materials for making kitchen countertops is quartz. It is a natural stone that can be found in many regions around the globe.It is very in demand today and unlike other natural countertop materials like granite and marble, Quartz has greater variety of designs. Granite and Marble are quite limited by the naturally occurring colors found in nature. Thus, you do not have wider options when it comes to colors and a designs. Quartz has wide variety of designs and comes up with so many well trusted brands including the so called Cambria, Silestone, Ceasarstone and Zodiaq.
Let's try to differentiate each.
Cambria - Cambria is well known for producing quartz surfaces which are primarily use for kitchen countertops. It is used in a similar manner as granite, except that it is not porous thus requires no periodic sealing. Knowing that it is not porous, thus it is resistant from any stain and possible discoloration.
Silestone - It's an engineered quartz countertop and is well known for its amazing solid colors. Just like Cambria, Siletone is custom made and are more scratch resistant as well as less porous than natural quartz surfaces.
Ceasarstone - Are also engineered Quartz surfaces which has modern and contemporary approach. It has this quality that will give your kitchen and bathroom the elegance and luxury look that every household owners wanted to achieve.
Zodiaq - Is another ideal quartz countertop brand which is non porous and does not require a sealant that must be periodically reapplied. It is resistant to scratches and stain, thus a perfect material for your kitchen.
These four brands are just few of the well trusted and high quality Quartz materials. So if you're looking for a high quality quartz countertops san francisco in California, Marble City is offering those brands I have mentioned. They are also offering installation and fabrication services. You can visit them at http://www.marblecityca.com for more info about their company.

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